The PMD VOIP Group has been established since 2011, and iCreations has been running under this umbrella brand from 2012. iCreations core competencies and skillsets focus around implementing optimum enterprise wide solutions by developing and implementing complete online solutions for your company. Over the years, we have managed to build ourselves a reputation for providing the best solutions to meet all online requirements of our customers. We mainly focus on the Gauteng region.


Innovation and effective service will maintain the minimum quality of the products that we develop. Given our strengths, competitive workforce and location, iCreations is ideally positioned to lead in the development of websites and online solutions. Our capabilities are augmented by technology collaborations, and a wide spectrum of service partners.


iCreations believe in performance measurement as a significant foundation of our daily operations. These performance metrics are created to promote performance improvement, effectiveness, efficiency and proper levels of internal control. The aim is that our set of TQM (Total Quality Management) guidelines should lead to a quantitative evaluation of growth in:

      - Customer Satisfaction
      - Organizational Performance
      - Workforce Excellence
      - Quality of products
      - Timely delivery